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flour, chemical powder, metallurgy powder, coating powder, and other power fully automatic packaging line

Powder fully automatic packaging line

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Powder fully automatic packaging lines packaging flour/chemical powder/hazardous material dust, suitable for various foods, chemicals, electronics, stationery, plastics, hardware, screws, beverages, toys, etc.

Powder splashing into the air can cause significant harm to the respiratory tract and body. The automatic packaging machine directly injects powder into plastic bags to automatically vacuum or seal,inserter into carton, reducing powder contact with the air. Provide production safety, protect workers’ physical health, and reduce powder respiratory diseases. Reduce workshop production dust, prevent dust explosion, and reduce the occurrence of flammable and explosive accidents. Improve work efficiency, reduce manual operations, and accelerate accurate visual operations.

Full automatic Function step:carton erector-poly bag inserter-powder filling weight labeling-carton sealer-carton wrap pallet

  • bag inserter into carton:
  • bag inserter into drum:
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    Scope of Application

    The carton bagging machine is a machine that automatically wraps the plastic bags in the carton and flanges the outer extension. The machine can greatly reduce the cost of labor, materials and use of the site, simple operation and easy adjustment. Used in conjunction with the automatic box opening machine can greatly improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Suitable for packaging of various foods, chemicals, electronics, stationery, plastics, hardware, screws, beverages, toys, etc.

    At present, our carton bagging machine has successfully cooperated with some pharmaceutical vitamin companies, chemical raw materials companies, food raw materials companies, and mechanical parts processing companies.


    • Can be used in conjunction with automatic box opening machine

    • It has multiple functions such as sealing the upper part and the bottom part, and will not be affected by external factors such as moisture or recycled cartons. The bags can be put into the cartons correctly.

    • It can be matched with different equipment and suitable for various packaging methods.

    • Simple operation and easy adjustment.

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    Technical Parameter

    Machine model TD-01 carton bagging machine
    Power supply/power 220v 50Hz 800W
    Applicable carton L250-450 W180-400 H150-350mm
    Sealing speed 4-6 boxes/min
    Table height 600mm
    Film width 400/600mm M-folded film tube
    Use air source 6-7kg
    Machine size 2600*1850*1750mm


    1. I want to buy a bagging machine, how can I buy a suitable product?
    You can tell us your carton size, speed requirements, and bag thickness, we can recommend suitable products for you

    2. My box is the ** size, can it be bagged?
    L250-450 W180-400 H150-350mm This is the size range of our standard model. If your box is outside the range, you can contact us for your exclusive customization

    3. Does it support samples? How long will it take me to get samples?
    If customization is not involved, we can send samples for you within three days. Given the size of the machine, we will send it to you by sea.

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  • 1.Reduce dust in the air, prevent combustion and explosion accidents, and improve the safety production of hazardous chemicals;

    2. Protect workers’ health, reduce respiratory and occupational diseases, and protect workers’ health.

    3.Prevent powder from contacting with air, keep powder dry, and prevent oxidation;

    4.Fully automatic operation, reducing labor and improving work efficiency.

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