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Unpacking machine

Ask the customer about the size of the carton, the speed and beat requirements, and then recommend the corresponding speed and beat models, if the paper /if the size of the box is not within the scope of use of the standard machine, please tell the customer that non-standard customization is required;
Need to explain to the customer that the carton needs to meet the machine standard, the carton should not be too soft, can not be wet, and the indentation should be deep;


Bagging machine

Understand the size of the customer's carton or barrel, the speed and beat requirements, the thickness of the film bag, and the material;


Packing machine

Understand the shape, size, specification, weight, storage method of the customer's product, speed and beat requirements, and venue recommended models after various details such as layout direction and power supply voltage;


Carton sealing machine

Ask the customer about the size of the carton, product weight, speed, and sealing method (in-line, cross, I-shaped), recommended models after assembly line use or stand-alone use, etc.;


Packing machine

First understand whether the customer needs stand-alone use or connected use requirements, and then understand the carton size, product weight, packing method (two-shaped, cross, I-shaped, tic-tac-toe), tempo, power supply voltage and other details recommend suitable models;



Understand the size and specifications of the customer's carton, product weight, speed and beat requirements, palletizing shape, palletizing the final product length, width and height dimensions, pallet size, pallet style, site layout, power supply voltage and other requirements and select the appropriate model after the sample.