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KX-03 horizontal carton erector machine

Full automatic one side taper or melt adhesive sealing for single or whole line machine

Short Description:

The KX-03 unpacking machine adopts a horizontal structure advantage

  1. Open the box horizontally on one side and seal the box on the other side
  2. Fast speed, product moves horizontally and is pushed into the container
  3. Horizontal packing reduces product shaking and maintains its original shape
  4. Small and cost-effective machines
  5. PLC control to reduce labor costs,24-hour unmanned packing

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KX-03 Luxury Automatic Box Opening Machine

The KX-03 unpacking machine adopts a horizontal structure, which automatically completes the unpacking, forming, bottom bending, and the machine that completes the bottom tape sticking.

Precise design, stable and durable machine operation

The sealing is tight, and the tape flattening effect is excellent.

The forming and sealing adopt stepless variable speed control, and the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can save working hours;

Simple operation, easy adjustment, no doubt about carton damage;

The carton storage adopts horizontal storage, and the empty carton can be refilled at any time without stopping the operation;

It will be reminded to replenish when there is no paper box. It can be used with hot melt glue machine for sealing.

The unpacking speed can reach 18-25 boxes/min.

This unpacking machine is widely used in various industries at home and abroad, such as food, medicine, toys, tobacco, daily chemicals, and electronics.

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Technical Parameter

machine type KX-03
Power supply/power 380V 50/60HZ  1.5KW
Applicable carton L200-450*W150-380*H100-350mm
Sealing speed 18-25 boxes/minute
Tape width 48mm/60mm (use one alternatively)
Gas source 7-8 kg
Machine size 2800*1200*1650mm

Size Layout


Overhead view


Floor plan


Floor plan


1. How to choose the machine that suits me?
You can tell me the size of the box you need, and the rate of work, according to your needs, I recommend a suitable model for you

2. Does it support customization?
If the size of the machine you need is not within the scope of our standard machine, we can provide you with customized services

3. Can all cartons be opened?
There are certain requirements for your carton. In order not to affect your use, the carton must not be too soft, not wet, and the indentation must be deep.

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