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Cr-1000r level, bar material, profile wrapping machine

Short Description:

CR series horizontal winding packaging machine is a new winding packaging equipment designed and manufactured for metallurgy, plastic and other industries, widely used in steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, plastic pipe, bar, flat material, profile, cylinder and other long products winding packaging. After wrapping, the product has beautiful and fashionable appearance, and has good sealing, tight, binding, moisture, rust, dust, damage, aging and other functions. This machine uses composite packaging paper tape, composite braided tape, winding film and other packaging materials.

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The basic characteristics of

Using friction wheel structure, safe, stable and strong operation;

PLC programmable control machine and man-machine dialogue touch screen;

Photoelectric automatic tracking package length;

Automatic fault alarm, automatic display of fault content;

According to the need to adjust the packaging material overlap degree;

The height of slip ring center can be adjusted to adapt to different diameters of packaging;

The tightness of packaging can be adjusted;

Can be equipped with pressure roller or side protection roller, to adapt to the lighter, less rigid pipe;

Can use a variety of different materials of packaging materials;

Manipulator device can be installed to realize automatic operation.

Technical parameters

And the number  CR-200R CR-300R CR-500R CR-1000R
The length of the product 2000mm~ There is no limit
The diameter  200mm 300mm 500mm 1000mm
Working face height 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Conveyor speed 4~6m/min 4~6m/min 3~5m/min 2~4m/min  
Length of conveyor line 6m    / custom
Slip ring speed 60r/min 60r/min 50r/min   40r/min
Composite scope 30%~70% 30%~70% 30%~70% 20%~70%
Packaging materials  Woven bag/winding film/composite paper, etc

W:100mm  /  OD:300mm   /    ID:55mm

Work rate 1.2kw  1.2kw  16kw  2.0kw
Electrical source                380V/50Hz  
Gas source                6~8kgf/cm²


1. Can the product be used with an assembly line?
The machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can be used in conjunction with an assembly line.

2. Can any kind of box be sealed?
According to the size of your carton, product weight, tempo, and sealing method, we have the corresponding machine for you to recommend.

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