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Instant Print Labeling Machine Parameters

Short Description:

1. Instant printing-instant labeling

2. Labeling position: labeling on the side of the carton

3. Label size: within the scope of the device

Product Detail


Product Tags

Label Requirements

1) Make label, single row, label interval 2-3mm
2) The margin between label and release paper: 2-3mm
3) Material of label bottom paper: Glassine paper
4) Label die-cutting accuracy: ±0.2 mm, can not cut the bottom paper
5) The maximum outer diameter of the label: 200 mm
6) Inner diameter of paper core: 25.4mm


1) This machine PLC controls the printer, the touch screen operation interface, the operation interface is optimized, simple and easy to understand.
2) Link customer ERP data software to complete label production.
3) The product is detected by the sensor, and the signal is processed by the PLC. The labeling position can be repaired by setting parameters before and after the labeling position.
4) Parameter setting, labeling speed and labeling count are clear at a glance.

Special Instructions

1) (The scanner scans the label and transmits the data to the computer), the computer is sending the data to the printer, and the printer prints
After the label is peeled off, the suction cup absorbs the label, and then the air cylinder pushes the suction cup to push the label to the position to be attached.
2) Detect the arrival of the product and attach the label to the product.


1. Control system: PLC man-machine interface control;

2. The maximum pre-extension ratio can reach 300%;

3. The photoelectric switch can automatically detect the height of the object;

4. The turntable starts and stops gently, and the speed is adjustable;

5. The lifting speed of the film frame is adjustable;

6. Optional automatic or manual mode;

7. The size of the machine can be customized according to customer requirements.


Technical Parameter

Instant printing labeling machine (Taiwan TSC) ALP-8000 parameters:
Printing parameters
Printing method: thermal transfer/thermal
Printing resolution: 600dpi
Printing speed: 254mm/s
Printing range: width 104mm; length 300mm
Media parameters
Sensing mode: gap sensing (transmissive), reflective
Media type: coated paper, synthetic paper, glassine
Paper roll size: label paper core inner diameter Φ76.2mm outer diameter 200mm
Media size: width 25.4-116mm; thickness 0.06-0.30mm
Ribbon parameters
Ribbon: width 25.4-114.3mm;
The length is 600 meters, the maximum outer diameter is 90mm, and it is suitable for both inner and outer wound ribbons.
Flash memory POM: 128MB (512MB is optional)
SDRAN: 128MB (256MB is optional)
Communication Interface
External interface: R232 serial port / Parallel parallel port / USB2.0 / Bluetooth (optional) / 802.11b/g/n wireless network transmission (optional)
Printable barcode type
One-dimensional code: Code39, Code93, Code128UCC, Code128subsetsA.B.C, Codabar, EAN-8,
EAN and UPC2(5)digitsadd-on,POSTNET,China POST,GS1 Databar,
Two-dimensional code: PDF-417, Maxicode, DataMatrix, QR Coode, Aztec
External hardware
Font panel: touch screen operation, equipped with start button, stop button
Alarm setting: three-stage alarm, lack of label alarm, lack of ribbon alarm, sensor failure alarm
Pneumatic part: Pneumatic: FESTO cylinder, SMC solenoid valve
Dimensions: 810×750×1500mm
Weight: 100KG
Labeling parameters:
Labeling speed: 10-25/min
Labeling accuracy: ±2mm
Label width: 104mm
Label length: 10-200mm
Gas supply requirements: >0.6 Mpa
Labeling part: the side of the plastic box
Print content: text, serial number, date, pattern, one (two-dimensional) bar code and other identification.
Remarks: The product printer is a professional printing engine from Taiwan’s TSC industry

Technical Parameter

Serial number


Electrical brand


Print engine

Taiwan TSC








product testing



The electromagnetic valve



touch screen

Display control



Xin Wanxin


power supply

Mean Well Power





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